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Article 1 Section 8 : To promote the Progress of Science and Useful Arts by Securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the Exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries.


Clothing - Back Of T-Shirt Shown Below - Front to the right.

Military In Space

Roscosmos TV

Boeing Computer Bugs

NASA Photos


            Oh yes, it is a NASA Collectible 

       Boeing gave these out at NASA and people stuck them on their computers. When we said we were NASA junkies on our other site we meant it.

We buy just about anything NASA related. We are documenting everything Space Related.

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Below is a gift brought back from China Space Agency; the pins are now in our private collection.   

NASA Space Flags

    Neutral         Buoyancy


Engineering Collectibles Apollo  

Boeing Computer Bugs

            What is Space Collectibles? - They are Everything Space Related - Science - Mechanical Engineering - Drafting sets - Coffee mugs - Weather - right down to a Weather Service Coffee Mug. It took a wide range of people with different backgrounds to put us into Space and with that, they have launched Mankind's future into the vast Universe. To think a couple 100 years ago, a Highway was unheard of. Now, look at us racing through Space - Exploring - Finding Answers and  Creating Solutions. What a cool feeling to be part of the beginning of Space Travel - it's here - it's now - it's our destiny - it's really super cool!

Metal Cast Space Clock / Quartz Movement.

Popular Mechanics

   Special Issue

  July/Aug 2019