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Roscosmos TV

Naval Operations David L. McDonald

                        Douglas R Cooke Associate

Administrator Explorations Systems Mission Directorate

Space-Related Autographs 

NASA Karol J Bobko

NASA STS 1 John Young and Bob Crippen 

Next two autographs were donated by the Apollo 11 Team Members

Watermarks / Documents

NASA - Frederick D Gregory

Thomas K. Mattingly

NASA Robert L Gibson

John Glenn


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Article 1 Section 8 : To promote the Progress of Science and Useful Arts by Securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the Exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries.


Popular Mechanics

   Special Issue

  July/Aug 2019

The United States Constitution

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Pilot Jon A. McBride STS-41g

Bill Nelson: Congress Of The United States

The following document was donated to our group

​NASA John O Creighton