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   Special Issue

  July/Aug 2019

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NASA Mission Patches / Stickers

NASA Patches

Apollo 11 patches backside

U.S.S Ozark MCS-2

Apollo X11 Conrad Gordon Bean

Apollo 16 Young Mattingly Duke

SPC Team

. Pan American 

. Lockheed

. Grumman 

​.Morton Thiokol

                     *Patches Consisted Of Cloth - Others - Were a simple sticker. Both Collectible - Cloth Patches are simply the best for any collection.

Apollo 14 

Apollo-Saturn 10 (AS-10) - May 18-26, 1969

USS Princeton (PRS)

USS Arlington

USS Carpenter

USS Chilton

USS Ozark

USS Rich

USS Salinan

Apollo-Saturn 11 (AS-11) - July 16-24, 1969

USS Hornet (PRS)

USS Arlington

USS Carpenter

USS Goldsborough

USS Hassayampa


USS Ozark

USS Salinan

Apollo 15 

                    Not all patches are created equal in the eyes of a true Space Collector. Sometime in the near future, we will cover all the differences. 

Apollo 11 Patches Frontside

The Astronauts Memorial Foundation

         Official Dedication Patch

SPC Team Patch

​Columbia Young - Crippen

Development Flight Test Ares 1-X Patch

Technology Applications and Science (TAS-01)

Borman Lovell Anders

Skylab Patch - Bean - Garrott - Lousma