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Speaking in the unveiling ceremony of the product, he said that rendering educational services to people from all walks of life was the root cause of the idea to produce such a facility needed by the people in the country.

Fortunately, the Iranian officials' support efforts to develop indigenized and sophisticated technological know-how to attain and promote national development, he said.

A radio telescope is a specialized antenna and receiver used to receive radio waves from astronomical radio sources in the sky in radio astronomy.

Iran's first ever radio telescope unveiled

Tehran, Feb 25, IRNA – After years of endless efforts, Iranian researchers and scientists were quite successful to design and produce the first ever home-made radio telescope to serve the country's physicians, academicians and university students, Head of Iran's Space Research Center Omid Shokofa said on Monday.
Fathollah Ommi said on Sunday on the occasion of the National Space Technology Day said that 'the country's achievements in space technology have been great and we nearly have over 2,000 achievements in this area'.

Referring to the fact that the space has already been opened to us, he continued, 'Of the 10 launches we have done so far, we have been able to launch 8 voyagers into space, and these voyagers have carried living creatures and returned them alive to earth again.'

“The last time we were able to send two monkeys below the orbit. Space technology is said to be a new or advanced technology because its added value is high,' he noted.

Tehran, Feb 3, IRNA - The director of Aerospace Research Institute pointed out that before the Islamic Revolution of Iran there was no space technology and emphasized that Iran now, in addition to space science, has managed to use space technology in designing satellite carrier and spacecraft.

Iran Space Agency


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