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Article 1 Section 8 : To promote the Progress of Science and Useful Arts by Securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the Exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries.


Popular Mechanics

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  July/Aug 2019

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Roscosmos TV

The United States Constitution

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USAF Fire Protection

ExoMars 2020 Mission


    Cross Collectible [Coin Collector/Space Collector]

United States Proof Dollar 1971-S Still in Plastic case

The S mintmark and Proof [Google 1971-S Silver]You will get the information you're looking for. The grade is on MS scale - which effects price[Just FYI]

ISS Oleg Kononenko Holding Photo Called "My Family"

The Russian neutron detector ADRON-RM is installed aboard a European rover and is ready to fly. The device will allow an analysis of the upper layer of the surface of Mars.

On the same days, the specialists of the NGO them. Lavochkina also successfully completed tests of the Proton-M launch vehicle transition system, which is necessary to launch the ExoMars 2020 mission.

Quantum Physics

Estimating Handbook 1988 Unpublished - United Technologies  USBI

     The Following is what happens

To items left in attics - high heat area's

The European Space Agency is preparing for the future through a range of activities and programmes, which work together for efficient results. They can be divided into activities allowing for development of new activities and programmes in the short- to medium-terms as well as others which will not be complete until farther into the future.

Project Mercury Freedom 7 McDonnell

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         McDonnell Douglas

        10 Years Service Pin

Marked 1/10th 10k On the Back

We Aim To Inspire The Next Generation

Night Launch A Novel Of Suspense Senator Jake Garn And Stephen Paul Cohen

Space Warriors: Hat - Gloves -  Tie

John Glenn Autograph 

Jon McBride STS-41-G

Brought to us by a SpaceX Family Member - Hubble Space Stamps 

The First U.S. - Russian Spacewalk from a shuttle.


Following Vid Is In English After Opening

45th Space Wing Patch

The New Frontier - Explore The Universe

Space Coins: Limited Edition John Glenn Coins Number on Edge

Apollo-Saturn 10 (AS-10) - May 18-26, 1969

USS Princeton (PRS)

USS Arlington

USS Carpenter

USS Chilton

USS Ozark

USS Rich

USS Salinan

Apollo-Saturn 11 (AS-11) - July 16-24, 1969

USS Hornet (PRS)

USS Arlington

USS Carpenter

USS Goldsborough

USS Hassayampa


USS Ozark

USS Salinan



USAF Missile Badge They Are Marked Myers New York                                          Sterling[Silver]

NOAA-E RCA Astro Electronics 

Getting a hair-cut in space!

SpaceX Coming Soon

On the back reads made exclusively for the US Postal Service

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The Lego Company Sign - with a little Florida bird poo.

NASA Live: Earth Views From

       The Space Station

Kennedy Space Center

It's in our private collection

Lego's? Yes, Its Made Out Of Lego's.

Royal Aeronautical Society

Education System Under Construction

Space Unites The World

ESA Prepares For The Future

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Snoopy in Space "Eyes on the Stars"

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Security Police Eastern Test Range Patch

Transforming the future.

                                    Challenger License Plate Florida.

These plates are common - but - Only NASA Employees were able to get first Dibs, hours spent in line at DMV in Florida - The KSC is Kennedy Space Center. Pretty Cool, try and find one. Numbers Redacted.

All our click bars can be any color. Below is an Example. Click on it - it will take you to our NASA page. We use it for all site links, internal or external.

Airforce Space Command Patch

NASA/NOAA : No one country alone can afford to effectively monitor the entire Earth. NOAA uses data from partners around the globe to create a more complete understanding of our dynamic planet.

U.S.S Ozark MCS-2

Those We Honor

Apollo Patch

Military Patches - Submarine / Missile

Desk Gift Set From AIAA

Americas Space Program Benefits All Mankind

       Two ISS Models - More On

Our International Space Station Page

Deep Ocean Mining

Lunar Base On The Moon - How Cool Is That?

           Climate Change Reseach

With The Aid Of Satellites Our Future 

Mars Exploration Rover

Pen And Letter Opener

The Future Is Here - Join The World.

 The World Space Alliance

                                               Our Mission Statement

                            To preserve history - to Educate and provide solid links for those interested in Space and Science. Our Saying "Give a man a hammer he will scratch his head - Teach a man how to use a hammer and he will build his future"

Apollo 14 - Stuart Roosa - Alan Shepard Jr. - Edgar Mitchell

                                                 Mission 41-C

 The first Launch Completely Supported by the Lockheed Shuttle Processing Team

Apollo 11  -25th / 1969-1994 The Eagle Has Landed Flown Flag STS-65

Geology Planet Earth: And Beyond 

Sticker Patch

Apollo Patch

​The Genesis Project

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  John F Kennedy Space Center

​Cape Canveral Air Force Station

Flown Flags: The One Below is the Shuttle-Mir Program

Space Command Patch

The Final Countdown

36th Space Congress Patch

Russian Flown Space Pen - Space Collectibles

Shuttle Discovery Model 1/200 Scale

Liberare Aut Claudere

Home 3-D Printers Design Your Ideas Take It To The Next Level

"​Here Comes The Sun"

Wooden Shuttle / NASA Employee/ Sat On a Desk at NASA for many years

3D Print On The Moon?

Life In Outer Space

Nuclear Power Space Travel

In Memory[Honor], Dr. Edwin Powell Hubble ( 1889 - 1953 )