Popular Mechanics

   Special Issue

  July/Aug 2019

    Neutral         Buoyancy


Collecting Tips

                         * Sunlight is bad enough - transporting anything behind glass and getting temp changes - IE: moisture will take that autograph photo and permanently stick it to the glass in some cases completely trash it. 

                           *Some areas of the country have paper bugs in Florida - we call them Silver Fish - they do and will get into anything and everything. A few people have found a lifetime of paper turn in to piles of bug poo. Not a pretty site.


********When We Redact - it's in the photos - we do not ink over items ever. Just in the photo presented online. Or Common Sence just cover with a piece of paper before taking a photo.******


Roscosmos TV

                             Think Security - Not Sure?

You Will Be able to Email someone on our staff in the near future.

Email - Personal Phone Numbers and Home Address's

             Unless they are common Knowledge.

97% is common knowledge [ Information] Its the 3% we are talking about.

                            *If your selling on Ebay - be kind and cover the family names[Employees Names] - Flown Flags - If said person has passed - use your own judgment. We redact certain information as below and with good reason.

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Free Ad Space Is   For those who   Promote Space   And Education 

                          *Keep your items out of direct sunlight - evil things will happen to the paper and signatures on documents.