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Article 1 Section 8 : To promote the Progress of Science and Useful Arts by Securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the Exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries.


Popular Mechanics

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  July/Aug 2019

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To preserve history - to Educate and provide Solid links for those interested in Space and Science. Our Saying" Give a man a hammer he will scratch his head - Teach a man how to use a hammer he will build his future". 


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                      Our Mission

First, to move all space-related coverage we have on all our other sites to this central location on the web - our warnings about storms and envirnomental issues will remain on those sites. Our News will be a mix on this site and other. This site will remain a kid-friendly site.

             Jobs Space Science

We have added a page to direct you to schools - jobs - help links. Education is key - read and study - at least one thing every day.