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ISS Oleg Kononenko Holding Photo Called "My Family"

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The European Space Agency is preparing for the future through a range of activities and programmes, which work together for efficient results. They can be divided into activities allowing for development of new activities and programmes in the short- to medium-terms as well as others which will not be complete until farther into the future.

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The New Frontier - Explore The Universe

Apollo-Saturn 10 (AS-10) - May 18-26, 1969

USS Princeton (PRS)

USS Arlington

USS Carpenter

USS Chilton

USS Ozark

USS Rich

USS Salinan

Apollo-Saturn 11 (AS-11) - July 16-24, 1969

USS Hornet (PRS)

USS Arlington

USS Carpenter

USS Goldsborough

USS Hassayampa


USS Ozark

USS Salinan

Article 1 Section 8 : To promote the Progress of Science and Useful Arts by Securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the Exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries.

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China Makes Big Advances In Space - The Dark Side Of The Moon

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